Engagement Ring Trends

Here are the top eight engagement ring trends to expect in 2024, as told by our experts.

The Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2024

Let’s raise our glasses to 2023 — the year jewelry designers and future fiancées alike fell head over heels for toi et moi designs, unique settings, and bezel-set gemstones. Now it’s time to say cheers to what we are excited about for 2024!

We met with Kaylee Bryant , our SVP of Merchandising and resident engagement ring expert, to look at trends and help forecast 2024’s top engagement ring trends. Here’s what we are seeing:      

1. Three Stones: For the true romantic, these designs feature three individual stones; one stone represents the past, one the present, and the last, the future.  

2. Mixed MetalWhite gold prongs secure the center stone while yellow gold bands keep the design trend-forward.  

3. Lab Grown Diamonds: Stunning and sustainable, lab diamonds are increasingly sought-after as center and accent stones.  

4. Timeless with a Twist: Think classic silhouettes updated with unique prongs, hidden accents, and bezel settings.  

5. East-West: These chic styles set center stones horizontally.  

6. Surprise Details: Hidden accents add a hint of extra sparkle.  

7. Statement Bands: Be bold and make your mark. Think thicker bands set with jaw-dropping diamonds.  

8. Pops of Color: Be on the lookout for striking, vivid colored gemstones and diamonds.

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Our SVP, Your Trend Forecaster

Kaylee Bryant is no stranger to tracking trends. As our SVP of Merchandising and Retail Expansion, she’s spent the past 10+ years leading best- in-class Velvet Box teams in curating stunning, sought-after styles. Our engagement rings continue to be effortlessly modern yet timeless and reflective of our commitment to both sustainability and transparency. As always, we believe crafting jewelry is about more than just beautiful design — it’s about creating timeless pieces our customers feel good about wearing forever.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the engagement ring trends of next year!

1. Three Stones

When romance and breathtaking style collide, timeless designs emerge. Dating back to the latter end of the Georgian Era (1714 – 1837), three stone rings are “enduring classics back in vogue” says Kaylee. In the 1950s, three stone rings were often set with an emerald-cut center stone and baguette side stones. While that elongated silhouette remains in style, customers can now opt for a more modern version with round, oval, or even trillion-cut side stones. With endless opportunities to update a classic look, three stone rings are very much in — and show no signs of going out of style.

2. Mixed Metal

Sometimes referred to as two-tone settings, these rings blend two or more metals in one chic, distinctive design. “Combining warmer and cooler toned metals creates an accessible, effortless look that can be styled in various ways,” Kaylee notes. Beloved not only for their unique look, two-tones are also practical: while a customer may want a yellow or rose gold band with a diamond center stone, it’s white gold prongs that bring out the iciness of a diamond. With mixed metal designs, the same customer who wants a warm tone band can ensure, through white gold prongs, that their colorless diamond really pops.

3. Lab Diamonds

Optically, chemically, and physically the same as natural diamonds, lab diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. “We are seeing more consumers embracing lab diamond engagement and wedding rings,” says Kaylee, who champions the end of the lab diamond taboo. Customers understand the value of lab diamonds: they’re completely mining-free, offer the same look as natural diamonds, and can be a much more affordable option. Whether it’s a center stone or an accented setting, everyone everywhere is growing increasingly in love with lab grown diamonds.


4. Timeless with a Twist

Like the best cocktails, this 2024 trend comes with a twist. According to Kaylee, “Consumers are always looking for modernized takes on classic silhouettes that include distinctive design-forward details.” Instead of traditional prongs, couples in 2024 year will be intrigued by bezel settings and double prongs. Newly popular hidden halos transform what appears to be a solitaire into a shimmering, luxe design. This trend is all about styles that appear traditional but are elevated by their craftsmanship and subtle, elevated details.

5. East West

Elongated shapes, such as radiantemerald, and oval-cut diamonds, are traditionally set vertically. But in the spirit of standing out from the crowd, customers in 2024 are flipping that tradition on its head by setting their center stone horizontally. “East-west rings are an excellent option for someone looking for a contemporary spin on a classic style,” Kaylee notes. While the shank of an east-west ring might remain traditional (think of a solitaire or a pavé band), with a flipped center stone, customers can seamlessly blend age-old design with a modern, trend-forward edge.

Final Thoughts

We are excited about all the meaningful events, joyful moments, and fresh jewelry trends that 2024 will undoubtedly bring. One thing for sure, is here at  Velvet Box — we’ll continue to innovate the industry, dedicate ourselves to our Mission, carefully craft high quality fine jewelry, and keep the ever-shifting trends top of mind.

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