Our Story

Who are we?

VELVET BOX is a socially responsible luxury brand. Founded in 2019, we take the pleasure to offer you responsible fine jewellery with cultivated lab-grown diamonds.

As an emerging brand in fine jewellery, we aim to make this world more beautiful place without leaving any more scars on the soul of our mother nature.

Why we started this?

The truth of mined diamonds is no more a mystery. Let’s not dig about the slavery, wastage of water, destruction of the land and habitat caused with Mining.

So we really wanted to make a difference.

Your beautiful moments should keep sparkling and with the help of science today, we can produce a real diamond under controlled conditions inside a laboratory just like it happens inside the earth crust.

Meet Tejas Viradiya (Founder)

Tejas & his family is into diamond industry from 3 generations now, he always wondered from beginning of his carrier in the industry that what if we can make no/least damage to mother earth while digging deep for diamonds and can still experience the luxury and feel the emotion of wearing an diamond!

With the objective to present an alternative to mined & costly natural diamonds, and His love for land & nature made Tejas come forward to find VELVET BOX in 2019 with a belief that true luxury is (and should be) always nature centred and people should use it without creating any environmental or societal damages.

When Tejas isn’t busy educating people on the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds, he can be found doing organic farming activities at his native place in Gujarat. His work bridges the fine luxury and sustainable, environment friendly practices.