Free Ring Sizer + Ring Size Chart: How To Measure Ring Size

We've made measuring your ring size at home easy with our free ring sizer, printable ring size chart, and step-by-step methods to help you find the perfect fit.

Free Ring Sizer + Ring Size Chart: How To Measure Ring Size

We’ve made measuring your ring size at home easy with our free ring sizer, printable ring size chart, and step-by-step methods to help you find the perfect fit.

Free Ring Sizer Request Form

We’ll mail you a free ring sizer that’s unisex and reusable so you can easily find the exact size that’s most comfortable for you.    


All you have to do is wrap our sizer around the finger you’d like to measure and adjust it to the size that feels right. The perfect size will be snug enough not to slip off but loose enough to slide over the knuckle without too much resistance.

Ring Size Chart

All of our rings are crafted in standard US sizes. View the chart below to see how US sizes map to finger circumference and convert to international sizes. Engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion rings all follow the same size format.



Inside CircumferenceUS, Canada, MexicoUK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South AfricaFranceGermany, Russia, Ukraine, AsiaIndia, China, Japan, South America, Turkey, IsraelItaly, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland
1.7744.83.25F 1/244.62514.254.625
1.8246.13.75G 1/245.87514.7565.875
1.8747.44.25H 1/247.12515.257.125
1.9449.35J 1/24915.7599
1.9950.65.5K 1/250.2516.251010.25
2.0451.96L 1/251.516.51211.5
2.0953.16.5M 1/252.75171312.75
2.1454.47N 1/25417.251414
2.1955.77.5O 1/255.2517.751515.25
2.24578P 1/256.5181616.5
2.2958.38.5Q 1/257.7518.51717.75
2.3459.59R 1/259191819
2.3960.89.5S 1/260.2519.51920.25
2.4462.110T 1/261.5202021.25
2.4963.410.5U 1/262.7520.52222.75
2.5464.611V 1/26420.752324
2.5965.911.5W 1/265.25212425.25
2.6567.212X 1/266.521.252526.5
2.7269.112.75Z 1/268.37528.375

How to Measure Ring Size at Home

The three easiest ways to measure your ring size without our free sizer are:   

  • The string method   
  • Using a printable ring sizer   
  • Measuring an existing ring to determine a size that already fits   

These methods require our Ring Sizer & Conversion Chart. To print the chart for methods two or three, set page scaling to “100” in your print settings and use 8.5 x 11-inch standard paper.

Method One: Create Your Own Ring Sizer

What you’ll need:   

  • Printer & paper    
  • String, yarn, floss, or a thin strip of paper    
  • Pen or marker    
  • Ruler  


1. Cut a piece of string, yarn, floss, or thin strip of paper to at least three inches long.   

2. Wrap one end of the string around the base of the intended finger.

3. Using a pen or marker, mark where the end of the string overlaps with the rest.

4. Lay the string flat and use a ruler to measure the length between the end and your mark in millimeters.

5. Use the Ring Size Conversion Chart to match the millimeter length to the corresponding ring size.

Method Two: Print a Ring Sizer

What you’ll need:   

  • Printer & paper   
  • Scissors   


1. Print the Printable Ring Sizer & Conversion Chart. Set page scaling to “100” in your print settings and use 8.5 x 11-inch standard paper.

2. Cut out the ring sizer and the slot as instructed. 

3. Wrap the paper ring sizer snuggly around the base of the intended finger so that the numbers are visible and insert the pointed end through the slit you made in the sizer.

4. Note the number that lines up with the slit; this is your ring size! Remember that quarter sizes are also available if your sizer indicates that you are between whole and half sizes. 

Method Three: Measure an Existing Ring with Our Chart

What you’ll need:   

  • Printer & paper   
  • Scissors   
  • An existing ring 


1. Print the Printable Ring Sizer & Conversion Chart. Set page scaling to “100” in your print settings and use 8.5 x 11-inch standard paper.

2. Choose a ring that correctly fits the intended finger.

3. Lay the ring over each size circle within the chart until you can closely match the inside edge to one of the circles on the guide. If the ring falls between two sizes, contact us to order the quarter size between them.

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How Should a Ring Fit?

A ring that fits appropriately will slide over your knuckle with minimal friction and sit snugly on your finger without feeling too tight. You should feel slight resistance but not need to apply too much force to take it on and off.

What to Do If You're in Between Ring Sizes

If you’re in between ring sizes, we suggest sizing up rather than sizing down. Finger size can fluctuate throughout the day, and a ring that is too tight may not come over the knuckle easily — which can be painful. Additionally, there are simple, at-home ways to make a slightly loose ring feel tighter, but you’ll need to consult a professional to size it up. Remember, if a half size doesn’t feel quite right, contact us and we can craft a design in a quarter size to help you find the perfect fit. 

Ring Size Tips

  • Our dominant hands are generally slightly larger – measure the hand you plan to wear the ring on.    
  • Consider the design of your ring. Rings with wider bands will fit tighter. Plan to size up by at least a half size for chunky bands (>4mm) and size down accordingly for very thin designs (<1.3mm). Note that ring sizes are generally measured in millimeters (mm) and are not sized by inch.   
  • Ensure your body temperature is normal – fingers tend to shrink when cold and expand when hot.   
  • Fingers change size throughout the day based on the water we drink and the food we eat – the best time to measure is towards the middle or end of the day.  


  • If your knuckle is pronounced, you may want to measure both the knuckle and the base of the finger. Then, choose a size in between those measurements as rings need to fit over the knuckle but not be too loose or tight to wear comfortably.  

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Are There Any Types of Rings That Can't Be Resized?

Yes. Certain rings, such as eternity and open bands, and alternative metal styles aren’t eligible for resizing due to the structure or material of their designs. If your ring cannot be resized, we’ll include that information on the product detail page of your specific style. You may also exchange a ring that cannot be resized within our 30-day free exchange period.

Brilliant Earth Free 30-Day Exchanges & 60-Day Resizes

Our commitment to you extends beyond delivery, and we’re proud to offer free 30-day exchanges and free 60-day resizes to ensure that you can find the perfect fit. Most designs (even an eternity, open, or alternative metal style) can be exchanged for a new size within 30 days free of charge, while any resizable design can be resized within 60 days free of charge. To learn more about these policies, consult our Free 30-Day Returns & 60-Day Resizes page. 

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Ring Size FAQs

Does Brilliant Earth offer half-ring sizes?

Yes! You can always order half-size rings to ensure you find the perfect fit. You can also request a design in a quarter size by contacting us via phone or email.

What if I order the wrong ring size?

If you order the wrong size, contact us to begin the complimentary resize process within 60 days of when your piece was initially shipped out to you or first available for pick up in the showroom. We’ll confirm a new size with you and resize your ring free of charge. If you ordered an eternity ring, open band, alternative metal design, or any other style that cannot be resized, you may exchange it for the correct size within our 30-day policy. To learn more about these policies and their constraints, consult our Free 30-Day Returns & 60-Day Resizes page.

What happens when my ring is resized?

To resize your ring to the perfect fit, our jewelers will add or remove a small strip of metal from the back of the band and solder it back together – you won’t be able to tell it’s been resized.

What is the average ring size for women?

The average ring size for women is between size 5 and 7, though this can vary greatly.

What is the average ring size for men?

The timeless and versatile plain metal band remains a popular choice for its understated elegance and seamless pairing with various engagement ring designs. Its simplicity allows it to complement any ring. Stackable wedding ring styles are also a popular way to complement the engagement ring with an element of personal style.

The average ring size for men is between 8 and 10. Use our printable chart or order a free ring sizer to determine the perfect size.

If you need to know your partner’s ring size without them knowing, selecting a standard size or slightly larger size is the best choice. The average size for women’s rings is 6, and for men’s rings 9. You can also try measuring a ring they already wear or asking a friend or family member if they know their size. Whichever method you go with, always double-check the product detail page to confirm that your specific design can be resized to ensure you can eventually find the perfect fit. For more tips, read our in-depth guide on How to Measure Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal.

Does Brilliant Earth offer inclusive ring sizing?

We are proud to be one of the only jewelry brands to offer inclusive sizing across our entire assortment of engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion rings.