Men's Wedding Band Styles

From diamond accents to textured finishes, explore different men's wedding band styles to pick the perfect piece.

Men's Wedding Band Styles

From diamond accents to textured finishes, explore different men’s wedding band styles to pick the perfect piece.

Often a man’s first piece of highly considered jewelry, men’s wedding band styles are available in a wide range of designs that offer personal expression without sacrificing comfort. Learn about the many different types of men’s wedding bands.


Yellow Gold Bands

Classic for a reason, the yellow gold wedding band has stood the test of time. Velvet box uses 96% recycled gold, with the exception being Fairmined certified gold, which is traceable, mined with practices that preserve the environment, and in support of the safety and economic development of miners.

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White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold retains its signature color from added plating called rhodium. Its bright white finish offers a sleek and modern look.

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Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold’s distinctive color comes from an alloy with 40% copper. Bold and vibrant, rose gold for a men’s wedding band makes a statement.

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Alternative Metal Wedding Bands

Alternative metal men’s wedding ring styles have become increasingly popular and allow grooms to express their personal aesthetic.

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Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength, and is resistant to corrosion in seawater and chlorine. 

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Meteorite Wedding Bands 

The extraterrestrial metal comes from a meteorite that is estimated to have fallen to Earth between 120,000 – 800,000 years ago. Extraordinary markings and patterns in the metal inspire a look as unique as the material itself. 

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Tantalum Wedding Bands

Tantalum is a precious metal defined by its rarity, density, and strength, providing a hardy and unique alternative to gold.  

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Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten is a rare metal with the highest melting point of all metals, making it incredibly strong and durable. Tungsten is scratch-resistant and will not easily lose its luster. This metal is also hypoallergenic, making it a good option for those sensitive to other metals. 

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Diamond Wedding Bands

Men’s diamond wedding band styles include eternity and baguette, with continuous lines of diamonds. Others include diamonds as accents set flush within the band, or set in the center with a tension style, with the diamond appearing to float between two edges of the band. Men’s wedding rings also have the option of black diamonds for a dramatic and masculine look.

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Gemstone Wedding Bands

There are many men’s wedding band options that feature gemstones – from sapphire to emeraldrubytourmaline, and more. These brightly colored gemstones add an eye-catching distinctive flair, and similar to diamond wedding bands, are offered in various styles.

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Matte Wedding Bands

Available across all metals, this contemporary type of finish is a popular alternative to a traditional reflective high polish. Brushed is a specific type of matte/satin finish that is created with an actual metal brush tool, resulting in uniform and subtle lines.

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Hammered Wedding Bands

This especially textural style is characterized by soft indentions that are created using a special type of hammer.

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Engraved Wedding Bands

Engraved wedding band styles offer a wide variety for those looking for a personal touch. Beyond the classic milgrain detailing, engraved men’s wedding bands are also offered with knurled finishes, woven finishes, and marbled or stone-like textures that carry the design across the entire band. Other engraved styles feature a specific motif such as a Celtic knot or nature-inspired designs – like topography patterns or etchings of mountain ranges.

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Top Twenty Men's Wedding Ring Styles

Need Help Finding a Matching Wedding Band?

There are many ways men can match their wedding band to their partner’s wedding band. While traditionally, couples would choose the same metal and design theme, recently, many couples are choosing complementary as opposed to exactly matching styles.


Men's Wedding Band Engraving

A time-honored tradition, adding engravings to the inside of the men’s wedding band is a sentimental way to add a personal touch to the ring. Engravings can include quotes, initials, or even dates that hold sentimental value to the couple. With the possibility to personalize individual touches, engraving transforms a ring into a one-of-a-kind piece.

Custom Men's Wedding Bands

Brilliant Earth offers men’s custom wedding rings for any style. From choosing the ideal metal type and design elements, every aspect of the ring can be tailored to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s incorporating intricate details, adding personal engravings, or creating a one-of-a-kind design from scratch, Brilliant Earth’s custom ring design service ensures that each man’s wedding ring is as special and meaningful as the commitment it symbolizes.


How do you choose a men's wedding band style?

When choosing a men’s wedding band, the metal should be considered not only for style preference but also for the durability required. Even at the highest quality, there is a spectrum of durability across popular metal styles for men’s wedding rings, and refurbishing may be needed in cases of extensive wear and tear.

While classic metal bands will always be a popular choice among men’s wedding band styles, thicker bands, bolder styles with gemstone or diamond accents, and interesting textures are becoming more mainstream.

Who buys the man's wedding band?

Historically, the groom purchases his wedding band, but as wedding band and engagement ring purchases become increasingly more of a joint decision process, couples may make the purchase together. We encourage couples to define their own rules and choose the ring that reflects their style and relationship most authentically.

How much are men's wedding bands?

Brilliant Earth’s men’s wedding bands range from ~$390 to ~3,290. Custom bands start at $2,000.

How should a men's wedding band fit?

Comfort is a main priority for all wedding rings. We recommend that customers start the process of finding their correct ring size using one of three methods found in our Ring Size Guide. Customers can order a free ring sizer from us directly or use the downloadable sizer and conversion chart.

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