Women's Wedding Band Styles

Learn about the many different types of women’s wedding bands, including classic, curved, engraved, and more.

Women's Wedding Band Styles

Learn about the many different types of women’s wedding bands, including classic, curved, engraved, and more.

From plain metal bands to unique gemstone wedding bands, it’s important to consider how the wedding band complements the engagement ring and expresses individual style. See below for a guide that will help you discover the ideal match.

Plain Metal Wedding Bands

Although plain metal bands are timeless and comfortable, there are many different variations – from metal types to textures and widths. Women’s wedding ring metal options typically include white goldrose goldyellow gold and platinum. Textures range from matte, brushed or satin finishes as well as hammered, matte hammered or knurled finishes. For women’s wedding bands, widths range from slim 1.5mm to the widest option at 4mm.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Many women opt to pair their wedding band with their engagement ring to create a cohesive and personalized stack. A third band can be added to complement the set, or multiple thinner bands can be combined for a layered effect. Incorporating a ring guard can also enhance and protect the rings.

Pavé Wedding Bands

Pavé bands are designed with multiple rows of accent diamonds interwoven like cobblestones. The diamonds in this style of ring are closely set together so the metal is barely distinguishable from the diamond, providing a dazzling, glittering effect.

Eternity Wedding Bands

An eternity band is a ring adorned with diamonds or other gemstones that encircle the entire finger, chosen for ultimate shine and sparkle.

Curved Wedding Bands

A curved wedding band is characterized by an extended arc crafted to smoothly encircle the center stone of an engagement ring. Unlike straight bands, which may create a gap between rings, curved wedding bands sit flush against other styles, offering a seamless and luxurious appearance. These bands complement various ring stacks, ranging from simplistic to glamorous designs.

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Women’s wedding band styles can also feature gemstones – from sapphire and blue topaz to emerald or ruby – combined with or as alternatives to diamonds. The gemstones are included either as accents or featured in eternity or baguette designs.

5-Stone Wedding Bands

Usually featuring diamonds of equal size, this women’s wedding ring style is thought to represent the 5 traits of a committed relationship — love, trust, commitment, communication, and empathy — in a bold, symmetrical statement. 5-stone bands can also commemorate anniversaries.

Top Twenty Women's Wedding Band Styles

When it comes to choosing a wedding band, women have various options for matching their ring to their engagement ring or bridal set, as well as coordinating with their partner’s wedding band. One option is to select a wedding band that complements the design of the engagement ring or bridal set, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious look. Alternatively, some women prefer to match their wedding band to their partner’s band, either by selecting matching bands in terms of metal type, width, or design, or by choosing complementary bands that reflect each other’s style and preferences.

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Women's Wedding Band Engraving

Adding engravings to the interior of a women’s wedding band is a meaningful way to personalize and enhance the significance of the ring. Engravings can include special dates, initials, meaningful quotes, or even symbols that hold sentimental value to the couple. With the option to customize and add personal touches, engraving transforms a wedding band into a cherished keepsake.

Custom Women's Wedding Bands

Brilliant Earth offers a range of custom design options for women’s wedding rings, allowing customers to create unique and personalized pieces that reflect their style and preferences. With our custom design service, customers can collaborate with Brilliant Earth’s expert jewelry designers to bring their vision to life. From selecting the perfect ethically sourced gemstones to choosing the ideal metal type and design elements, every aspect of the ring can be tailored to meet your desires. Whether it’s incorporating intricate details, adding personal engravings, or creating a one-of-a-kind design from scratch, Brilliant Earth’s custom ring design service ensures that each woman’s wedding ring is as special and meaningful as the love it symbolizes.


How much do women's wedding bands cost?

Brilliant Earth’s wedding bands range from ~$300 to ~$17,000. Custom bands start at $2,000.

How do you choose a women's wedding band style?

When choosing a wedding band, we recommend first considering the metal, then the style and diamonds or gemstones of the engagement ring as a guide. The metals do not necessarily have to match, as mixed metals give a modern look. When considering the style of the wedding band, determine if you prefer the band to sit flush against the engagement ring or for there to be a small gap. For a wedding band that sits flush against the engagement ring, we recommend a classic band (plain metal, pavé or eternity), contoured bands or notched wedding bands.

The timeless and versatile plain metal band remains a popular choice for its understated elegance and seamless pairing with various engagement ring designs. Its simplicity allows it to complement any ring. Stackable wedding ring styles are also a popular way to complement the engagement ring with an element of personal style.

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